Malibu Usage Disclaimer

Thank you for subscribing to Malibu. We stand to provide a positive experience to all of our members. All professionals and hobbyists, please keep these things in mind while using the app.

The presets provided in the app are designed to enhance your photos and videos. These presets have been heavily tested in different environments which include, indoor, outdoor, day, night, evening, dusk, dawn and lots unique outdoor and indoor lighting and we are confident that 90% of your photos & videos will look phenomenal while using Malibu. But we cannot plan for or test every lighting situation our members will experience. So if you discover a certain preset doesn’t appear as you expected, try  adjusting the lighting while taking the picture or video and use Malibu’s built in adjustments features which include filter intensity and brightness. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback you are more than welcome to message our in-app support.

Stick with us on this journey of perfecting mobile photo and video editing. It will be fun! 

Last updated: 7 January 2019